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A top class automotive service in Auckland

We are the team you can count on
What makes a top class automotive service? An experienced and reliable team! You can count on our team at Mac Motors in Auckland for exceptional workmanship and excellent service at all times. We always like to go the extra mile for our clients, making sure that they are completely satisfied with the automotive service that they receive.
A V8 engine after automotive service in Auckland
Car on a racetrack
Blue car after automotive service in Auckland
Blue car after automotive service in Auckland


There's nothing worse than a dishonest mechanic, and at Mac Motors we want to make sure our clients trust us completely. We are all about transparency and explaining everything in a language that each client will understand. If your car needs a fair bit of work done, we'll show you exactly what needs work and how this affects the performance of your vehicle.

Friendly and approachable

We are dedicated to providing the best in customer service at our workshop in Auckland. Our friendly team is very approachable and likes to make time to answer any questions you might have about our services. Just drop in or give us a call and ask away!

Prompt service

We understand how important people's cars are to them, so we make sure you are not without your vehicle for too long. We have a great range of spare parts in stock so we can get your vehicle up and running as quick as possible. Otherwise we have outside suppliers that can send out spare parts quickly, so you do not have to wait too long.
So when you need an automotive service in Auckland, we are the team to talk to.
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